About Us

In today’s complex world, children are placed in an open and globally connected resource platform that vastly increases their ability to master the skills and grab the opportunities as they grow. With the technological advancement where the impact of social media is radically changing the way we traditionally delivered education, it appears that we are at the crux of an educational revolution.

Despite seeing several advancements in the way kids are learning, there are an increasing number of distractions with gaming and social media on the internet. We are associated with a team of professionals who have been continually doing research and gathering metrics to create awareness and come up with various learning models that increase interest in student learning process and improve their grades.

Kids are excited to see ever increasing opportunities and the potential to learn is exponentially multiplied with the internet connected systems that reside outside the boundaries of the classroom. MeritKid.com is one of the products where we have incorporated several features that will enhance the student’s retention time while learning and making them to be a Merit Kid.