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MeritKid is a cloud-based interactive K12 online learning system. MeritKid’s unique learning methodology consists of learning concepts, practicing and testing your knowledge. This process is repeated until perfection is achieved.

Technology and communications are making significant advances. There have been radical changes in the methods of learning and teaching and they have had successful outcomes. A growing trend of online learning is observed and at Meritkid, we are working hard to create and support the topmost technology that can provide more educational benefit to the learners. We established ourselves in 2012, and since then we have been working as a globally recognized organization that is well known for providing online learning for K12 kids. Our motto is “We see merit in every kid we touch”.

Our main motive is to encourage young learners to get educated with an element of fun added to it. All the kids need to have is internet connection so that they can learn from anywhere at any point of the day. Parents can review the progress of their kids and make suggestions in order to improve their competitive edge in today’s world. They can master the art of math which is quite essential to grasp any new subject under the sun.

We also have built a community consisting of educators, psychologists, and researchers from different spheres and parents who can share their experiences and insights to make child education a fun filled learning activity. The team Meritkid also consists of a group of business professionals and experts from all across the world, who are committed and dedicated to improve and educate the children in an appropriate way. The main work of the team is to collect, develop and manage the educational content for the courseware as well as be in collaboration with other foundations for a better prospect.

With all these experts working in collaboration with each other, Meritkid is slowly becoming a one stop solution for the kids in order to acquire a better perspective on math and other core subjects. We know there is merit in every kid and we are here to help them find it.

(MeritKid, a product of SriNiki, Inc.)
We see merit in every kid we touch.