How it works

How it works:


1. Learn:

Student will be able to click on any sub-topic lines and view a lesson with moving slides showing concepts and solved examples. Student can move forward, backward, pause or jump to a specific slide at students own pace.


2. Practice:

Student will be able to click on any sub-topic under any topic of interest. This will take them to question and answer session at that sub-topic level. Answering correctly will display a message and take them to the next random question. If the selected answer is not correct, then the solution page with the correct answer and its explanation will be displayed. Clicking OK will take the user to the next random question to continue their practice under the same sub-topic.


3. Test:

Student will be able to take a test by clicking on any topic level items listed under the specific grade or subject. This will launch a window to start a test and user needs to select the right choice depending on the amount of time they can spend from the following options:

  • 10 questions in 12 minutes
  • 20 questions in 25 minutes
  • 30 questions in 40 minutes
  • 40 questions in 50 minutes
  • 50 questions in 60 minutes

Any test will have the following options:

  • Move to next question (until last one)
  • A checkbox to mark a question for review
  • Skip question by clicking next
  • At the end of the test, student will have the option to:
    • Filter and review only questions left unanswered
    • Filter and review only questions marked for review
    • Student can also review all questions


4. Review:

All user history is captured and stored in the form of reports for checking progress and improvement. Some of the reports every student can review are:

  • Student activity for learning material reviewed.
  • Name of different sub-topics practiced
  • Date reviewed
  • Time spent on each activity
  • Student activity spent on practicing questions under various sub-topics is captured and scored here along with date and time spent on each activity.
  • Student can go to a specific test ID or filter tests taken during a specific time period and click any one of them to review all questions answered in that test and see what is correct and what is not.